Recover and Backup Your Call Details with E2PDF

Recover and Backup Your Call Details with E2PDF

Recover and Backup Your Call Details with E2PDF. Our smartphones today contain a tonne of personal information in this digital age. Text messages and contacts to call logs and surfing history—these gadgets have evolved into a storehouse of our everyday interactions and activities. This dependence means that it is imperative to make sure that this data is backed up and easily accessible in the event of loss, damage, or switching to a new device. One potent utility made especially for these kinds of jobs is the E2PDF Backup & Restore software. This page looks at how this app can safeguard your call logs and other important information.

The Value of Call Detail Backup

More than simply a list of calls made and received, call logs contain other information. Many times, they contain crucial data including personal conversations, emergency numbers, and business contacts that may be needed later. Both personally and professionally, losing this knowledge might be disastrous. Having a dependable backup plan is so essential.

Introduced is E2PDF Backup & Restore

Call logs, SMS, contacts, and more can all be backed up into PDF format with the Android software E2PDF Backup & Restore. This guarantees that the data is kept in legible and shareable format in addition to making it easily available.

Principal E2PDF Backup & Restore Features

The capacity of E2PDF to backup and restore call logs is one of its best features. Customers can save their call history as a PDF file, which for further protection can be emailed, kept on their device, or uploaded to a cloud service. It’s just as easy to restore these call logs, so your call information are always accessible.

1.   SMS backup & restore:   The software lets you backup SMS messages in addition to call logs. Important discussions that might be required for future reference or proof are especially well-served by this function.

3. Backup & Restore of Contacts: E2PDF enables contact backup as well. The ability for users to store their whole contact list as a PDF file comes in very helpful for phone migrations or in the event of an unintentional deletion.

4. WhatsApp Chat Backup: The software makes its features available on well-known messaging services like WhatsApp. WhatsApp chats can be backed up by users to guarantee the security of even their instant messaging exchanges.

5. Truecaller Backup: E2PDF offers a way for users of Truecaller to backup their data so that your found caller information is not lost.

6. WiFi Configuration Backup: E2PDF lets consumers back up their WiFi setups in addition to communication data. Setting up a new gadget might be much aided by this.

7. Calendar Events Backup: Users can save significant dates and schedules by backing up calendar events as well.

8. Browser History Backup: Users that need to monitor their online activities may find the browser history backup feature of E2PDF helpful.

How Come I Choose PDF Format?

Strategically, PDF was chosen as the backup format. With their ability to be opened on almost any device and their universal recognition, PDF files are very flexible. Moreover, PDFs maintain the data integrity and formatting, guaranteeing that the information is shown precisely as it was on the original device. Should a tangible copy be required, printing the backups is also made simple by this format.

Easy of Use

User friendliness was a major consideration in the creation of E2PDF Backup & Restore. Easy-to-use interface enables users to do backups and restores with a few clicks. You’ll find the procedure simple and hassle-free whether you’re an experienced techie.

Security and individuality

Working with personal data puts security first. E2PDF gives you piece of mind by guaranteeing safe storage of your backups. Your information is also kept private and within your control because the software does not save it on its servers.


These days, we carry a wealth of personal and professional data on our cellphones, hence having a trustworthy backup plan is critical. Protecting your call information and other crucial data is made easy, secure, and thorough with E2PDF Backup & Restore. E2PDF makes sure you may always get your information when you need it by backing up your data into globally accessible PDF files. For contemporary smartphone users, E2PDF Backup & Restore is a must-have tool whether they are upgrading to a new device, getting over a data loss event, or just wish to protect their data.