How to Translate your Voice Urdu to English WhatsApp Keyboard

How to Translate your Voice Urdu to English WhatsApp Keyboard

How to translate your voice Urdu to English WhatsApp keyboard

Even though WhatsApp is the most popular software for contacting friends and coworkers over the phone, there are still a few capabilities lacking from the application. Translate your Voice Urdu to English WhatsApp No formal method exists for translating incoming communications or translating what you are typing when you need to communicate in a different language.

Google Translator, for example, may be used to remedy this problem if you are using WhatsApp on Android. In the next section, we’ll show you how to translate WhatsApp messages without having to leave the app itself.

How to translate messages

How to Translate your Voice Urdu to English WhatsApp Keyboard
Translate your Voice Urdu to English

To utilize the translation feature, all required is a single configuration, no matter how many chats are involved. Check this out:

Go to Google Play and download Google Translator if you don’t already have it ;
Open the Google app, click on the “three lines” symbol, and choose “Settings” from the menu;
Press “Tap to translate,” then enable the key next to “Activate,” then tap “Activate” on the new screen;
Make sure you permit the popup that asks for it. It would help if you used the resource to work correctly.

This function has been activated in the Google Translate app.

The process is for receiving translated messages:

Open WhatsApp and join the chat in which you got the translation;
Hit and hold the text until it is chosen, and then tap the copy button to duplicate it.
A Google Translate bubble will pop up when you begin typing. To view the translation, click on the link.

It’s a bit more complicated to translate messages you’ve written yourself, but you don’t have to abandon WhatsApp to do so. Check this out:

Select the text you want to construct your message on the discussion screen.
Tap “Translate” from the menu that appears when you tap the “three dots” symbol.
It’s as simple as selecting the language below and copying the translated text as shown in the picture.

How to translate your WhatsApp messages automatically

Read About:-

Check WhatsApp Chats History 

Translate WhatsApp messages using this simple method Gboard, Google’s keyboard contains it. It’s no secret that the firm has worked hard to make this tool as applicable as possible by adding a slew of useful features that make it a pleasure to use on our mobile devices. The American corporation exploited Google Translate’s presence by embedding its well-known translator into its keyboard. As a result, we’ve arrived at the crucial feature that enables the automated translation of WhatsApp messages. Download and install the Gboard app on your phone to get started. It’s time to find out how Gboard may assist you in translating your WhatsApp messages after it has been installed and set as the default keyboard. Step-by-step instructions follow. Activate the keyboard and type the message you wish to send in the discussion you’re currently in on WhatsApp Right-click on the horizontal three dots button on the keyboard’s toolbar.

Using the Translate button is an option in the settings menu. Choose the source and output languages of the message in the top bar that has appeared in Gboard; tell the keyboard which language you are writing in and which language you want it to translate in the top bar that has occurred in Gboard. Gboard will convert your message into WhatsApp’s text field as soon as you write it in the Gboard text field. Send the message that Gboard translated after you’re done.

Translate Urdu to English with your Voice

How to convert your voice from Urdu to English is the subject of this article. There are now many individuals who do not come to English, and this is a huge problem. Therefore You will address the issue of English in the application you have today..”Because of this, I will explain to you how to utilize a keyboard app in this program. If your English is strong, you can accomplish anything in the world. Thus it’s essential to work on your personality. This app from Google G Board Application is another amazing one. You talk, and it will write English in your voice. It was a challenge to watch the video above, but you will be able to speak and write English fluently at the same time. Translate between Urdu and English.

Why use the chat translate app?

This program can translate your Urdu message into English and deliver it to an educated person texting in English, so don’t worry about it. Translating the message into Urdu will allow you to read it. Type a message if you’re texting someone who doesn’t understand English and you don’t speak Urdu. Today, WhatsApp cannot translate English and Urdu messages to and from other languages, but You may accomplish this with the aid of an app that is available on the app’s side today. However, I can assure you that translating into English will be beneficial.

How to use the chat translate app?

You may find all types of applications in the Google Play Store. In addition, you’ll be able to locate this software, but did you know that you can use it exceptionally effectively? You need to download this software, and then you may use it to record any word in any language that you choose. This app has entirely distinct look and feels from anything else out there right now. It’s like a magnifying glass that can transform any word. From now on, I’ll tell you where to get this program, but first, you need to open it up to use it.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have access to more options. Choose Urdu from the left-hand menu and English from the right-hand menu to use this feature. Urdu-to-English translations are available here. You will convert your English message into Urdu if you reverse it. When it comes to positioning it, the left and right sides may benefit. A large button will appear after choosing the languages you must push to provide authorization. Any word you have translated will appear on your phone’s screen. If your buddy is shocked to see it, it will be a pleasant surprise, and it will also be helpful.


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