How to recover all deleted data from WhatsApp

Recover WhatsApp deleted data

How to recover all deleted data from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is becoming a must for almost everyone who wants to stay in touch. Recover WhatsApp deleted data Anywhere you are in the world, you may use it to communicate by text message, audio, or video chat using cellular or Wi-Fi data on your mobile phone. Recover WhatsApp deleted data WhatsApp also makes it easy to make group calls, ideal for families who want to remain in touch through the internet. You may use this app to keep your loved ones informed on your health and business by sending those papers, images, and videos.

This guide will show you how to recover data from WhatsApp chats. We’ve compiled a list of the essential actions you can do to get your lost WhatsApp data back on various devices.

Recover WhatsApp deleted data
Recover WhatsApp deleted data

What are WhatsApp Deleted Messages?

You may even erase a message you sent on WhatsApp if you sent it in error or have changed your mind about what you meant to say. It is an exclusive feature of WhatsApp. May delete Messages on WhatsApp with relative ease. To remove messages, select them and then click the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you go to settings, swipe down, and choose to erase all chats, you may remove the whole history of communications with a specific person. Even when the original files are gone, a copy is still available if anything goes wrong.

As long as the app’s settings are set up correctly, a backup of WhatsApp data is always available. As a result, finding out how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp data is now more straightforward. To unravel the enigma of restoring deleted WhatsApp messages from both Android and iOS devices, we’ve put up a set of straightforward steps.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without a Backup

WhatsApp has been the go-to social networking app in recent years, allowing users to stay in touch with loved ones. Unlike other social media sites, which remove communications after a certain amount of time, this one doesn’t automatically disappear, which has been a big draw for users. When you first set up your WhatsApp account, you may have neglected to activate the option to back up your chats.

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However, owing to local backups on your device or third-party software, it’s still possible to restore deleted communications and files.

Let’s have a look at how this works on WhatsApp for Android.

Restore deleted WhatsApp chats via cloud backup

If you mistakenly delete conversations, you may be able to recover data from WhatsApp them from your cloud backup. Suppose you did your Google Drive or iCloud backup at midnight, and you discovered the following day that you had mistakenly erased a communication You may recover the chat from the cloud backup. How to do it is as follows:

Take the time to remove WhatsApp from your Android or iOS device.
When you reinstall WhatsApp, be sure you provide your phone number.
A popup will appear when the program has been set up, asking whether you’d want to recover messages from a recent cloud backup. I would use Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iOS for this backup. , press Restore, Torestore. May retrieve forgotten communications this way if they have been mistakenly erased. If you erased a message after your most recent cloud backup, there’s no way to get it back, so be aware.
Restoring deleted WhatsApp chats via Android’s local backup

Alternative method

Another option for recover data from WhatsApp conversationsthat have been erased is to retrieve them from your Android phone’s local backups. IOS does not support this approach. If your Google Drive backup has wiped out your deleted messages, steps to take.

Open your phone’s File Manager (if you can’t locate this app, download Google’s Files app). Once you’ve done that, go to the WhatsApp folder and choose Database. Your phone’s database folder includes all of your WhatsApp backup files.
Please make a backup copy of the file megastore dB.crypt12 by selecting and renaming it megastore BACKUP.db.crypt12 This is your most recent backup file, and you must rename it to prevent it from being overwritten. You may always rename this file back to its original name if anything goes wrong.
We now have a handful of files in this folder with the format msgstore-1.db.crypt12.DB You may choose the most recent backup and rename it to msgstore.DB.crypt12 from these previous WhatsApp backups.
To begin, open Google Drive on your smart phone and choose Backups from the hamburger menu (the three vertical lines) that appears. May now delete The WhatsApp backup from this location. If you do this, it will force your phone to restore from a local backup.

Reinstall WhatsApp by first uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. If you don’t have a cloud backup of your conversations, you’ll be prompted to restore them from a local backup after you’ve set it up.

It’s as simple as that. You’ll be able to retrieve any conversations you’ve already erased.

Recover Deleted Messages WhatsApp on an iPhone

Like Android, the WhatsApp app for iPhones allows for frequent cloud backups. WhatsApp will save copies of all of your communications in the iCloud Drive as long as your backup is enabled. In the settings area of your account, you can even view the date and time of the most recent backup.

Using iCloud to recover lost texts is simple:

Disable WhatsApp on your phone.
Go to the App Store and get a fresh copy of WhatsApp.
After you’ve downloaded and installed the program, you’ll be able to use it.
Get all your deleted messages back using the on-screen instructions.
Deleted messages will now appear in your chat window.

You must, however, make sure that you have adequate space in your local storage before beginning the recovery procedure. It would help if you had twice as much local storage space as your backup as a general guideline. To put it another way, if yourbackup is 1GB, you should have at least 2GB of free storage space available on your device.


WhatsApp allows you to recover data from WhatsApp or any documents you’ve deleted if you’ve previously configured the app to do so. Even though WhatsApp has built-in capabilities to assist users in automatically backing up their WhatsApp data, it must take some activities to make the restoration process more uncomplicated, as mentioned in the article. If you inadvertently delete a document on WhatsApp, you must know how to retrieve the document’s backups. Don’t risk losing everything because of blunders you might have prevented.